Couples who want premarital counseling, supporting grieving parents who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death and working with individuals are some of the areas of speciality I have developed in my 20 years of being a therapist. Look to the right of this page for more of my credentials.

I have been married for over17 years to my very kind, gentle and smart husband. I have given birth to 3 boys. We lost our oldest son to an infection as a result of complications during pregnancy. I educate my two living sons at home. Yes, I am a homeschooler. Undoubtedly they will need copious hours of therapy to unravel the scramble I’m creating. But I love it!

I enjoy being outside, learning new things and watching old movies again and again.. Too bad we cut the cable. I believe in Jesus. If I tease you it means I like you. If I don’t talk to you it probably means nothing.  I don’t believe in making crafts or watching others make crafts or pinning crafts or watching YouTube to learn crafts.

Cut the crafts, ok?? Are we fighting?  I am also rather unenthused about chaos, beautiful simplicity ruined by complications, Facebook and lots of words that start with “p”. I don’t need to hear you say them because I already know I don’t like the way they sound. And cats. Except when my youngest son pretends to be a kitty.

I even pet him.


Rates & Hours

$95/Session Monday – Thursday

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 10-6


Oklahoma State University BS 1994
Oklahoma Baptist University MS 1997
Licensed Marital and Family Therapist by State of Oklahoma 2000
Certified facilitator of  PREP 

Certified SYMBIS facilitator
Served on the Oklahoma State Board of Licensing for Licensed Marital and Family Therapists
Served on the Board of Oklahoma Association of Marital and Family Therapists


Although I am casual I take therapy seriously. Many clients tell me I seem like a friend. I think it’s because I am relaxed and warm, straightforward and genuine.

A few ways I approach therapy:

  • Some struggles are when our strengths are out of balance. For example my tendency to be empathetic can lead to trouble with saying “no” even when it’s the healthiest choice. Our lives are one long process of shifting the balance between strengths and weaknesses. We are made unique one from another so the shifts you can and need to make are different from the ones I do. Figuring those revisions out is what a lot of therapy entails.

  • What I have learned over the years is that none of us respond well to being told what to do. I highly value directness and honesty yet it is to be distinguished from deciding the how and when of your life.Ultimately you walk out the door of my offce and go about your day. I find therapy is most powerful when I act as a sounding board and advocate with clients.



I am so glad that I decided to ask for help....

and that it was Jill that I went to. Working with her has made a huge difference in my outlook. I was using every bit of brain power and self control I could bring to bear and was still clueless how to make things better. Jill has the training, expertise, and perspective to see what I could not. Our sessions are a place where it is safe to bring my most painful emotions, examine them, and decide what to do, rather than allowing them to explode negatively into my relationships. Jill brings wisdom to shine light on what is not working, always with gentleness and compassion. She has been an invaluable support as I work to strengthen essential parts of myself that had caved in. Even though we are not coming as a couple, it is only me, because of changes in the way I act and respond, my marriage relationship is moving from painful and bewildering

 toward partnership and friendship. It is like I had been trying to run with a dislocated leg. I was working as hard as I could to move forward, but things continued to hurt. Through the things I have learned from working with Jill, it is like that joint is being put back in place, and I am gradually strengthening it and learning to use it properly. I am extremely grateful. I have recommended Jill to several friends and will continue to do so.

— Client

Jill is an experienced therapist...

who is able to help foster personal growth and healing from past hurts. She is dedicated to helping people learn more effective coping skills, and to improving their ability to communicate in their relationships. Jill looks for client strengths while also identifying challenges and ways to deal with those challenges. She will listen and help you figure out what will be most useful to you as you move forward in your life.
— Client

Jill was a graduate student in the....

Masters Program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Oklahoma Baptist University where I was a professor. She was one of our outstanding graduates. I later had the opportunity to offer her an associate position at Christian Family Institute where she practiced for nearly 10 years. She later moved to Oklahoma City. I would have her back in a heartbeat! You can't find a more compassionate and skilled therapist.
— former professor & colleague