You believe in what you are doing but you need help beyond curriculum and scheduling. If you:


  • Feel isolated and are unable to reach out for fear of judgement or rejection.

  • Suspect you may be suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health issue

  • Often struggle with feelings of failure and inadequacy

  • You have a good sense of what you are doing with home education but have personal struggles that you don’t know how to deal with.

  • Are unsure how to handle your husband’s or extended families questions and concerns.

  • Feel you need for support and guidance beyond getting together with friends.


Homeschooling is a giant commitment to make. It’s exhilarating when it goes well and equally devastating when it doesn’t. I know because I am a homeschooling Mom myself. Uncertainty and doubt come in all parts of life but when it’s your child’s education the stakes are high. There is lots of help out there for the how and what of homeschool. But what about the heart of it- you? Take the time, one hour, for yourself. 

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to receive unconditional support and practical guidance for your pursuit in educating your children at home.